So your ideal clients can find you!

Imagine your ideal customer feeling a visceral ZING! when they find your site, because it’s undoubtedly clear that somehowyou get them. And amazingly, what you do — is exactly what they’re looking for.

…leaving NO question in their mind how you show up and what your business offers — making the decision to interact with you & your brand, effortless.

equaling an opt-IN - not a click-AWAY

That’s what happens when you

Because when your brand story is in total alignment with you and
your business offerings — the very people you most want to serve... feel seen, heard and understood — creating a true authentic connection.

a bit rare in the online biz space

...and they’ll want more.

So the question is…
is your brand telling your ‘right’ story?

Because no matter what, a story is being told.

So either it’s on point and attracting
your perfect-fit people, or it’s not.

In this training, you’ll learn the 3 pillars to building a magnetic brand story
that’s in total alignment with you & your business offerings,
so that you’ll attract –and convert– the very people
you most want to work, serve (& play) with.


Your Creatrix

Hélène Scott
Hélène Scott

Intuitive. Optimist. Daydreamer. Mom

Also... a Biz + Brand Alignment Coach for multi-passionate soulful women, who feel things deeply (and see things a little differently).

The Dreamers. The Healers. The Creatives.



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